Camping Adviser: Julie Kitz 

girls camping in winter

Camping 101

While there is sometimes still a chill in the air, camping season will be here before we know it!

Have you thought about any camping opportunities you may like to try with your unit?  Whether or not you consider yourself to be a “camper”, there are lots of ways to help your girls experience the great outdoors. There are many outdoor activities that you can do at your meeting such as hikes, compass games, or trail signs.  Meeting night activities can also help be preparation for an overnight camp.  Bedroll races, camp equipment pictionary, or making situpons can be done in a meeting and help get the girls thinking about camp. Including the girls in the planning will be both beneficial and rewarding for you and the girls!

Getting the girls to help plan the menu can be done with even the youngest girls while older girls may help with camp shopping!  A theme for your camp can help to link your activities.  Pioneer Camp, Survivor, Bugs, and Science are a few of the many possibilities.   This allows you and the girls to select specific activities or foods to match your theme.

You may want to camp for one, two or more nights depending on the experience level of your girls. Try setting up and sleeping in your tents indoors to practice!  Some community halls will allow you to set up your tents close by so you have the option of one night indoors and the second night in the tent.  You may have a favourite place to camp or you may be thinking about trying somewhere new.  Always check out a new site first if possible – you don’t want any surprises when you get there!

Of course, please keep in mind the Safe Guide requirements for camping.  Any overnight activity is automatically a Yellow level activity and paperwork must be submitted to an advisor at least 14 days in advance but they are certainly accepted earlier.  Your chosen activities may change this to a Red level (requiring 21 days notice) so make sure to review the Activity Planning chart ahead of time.