Tamarac Area Crest

$1.20 each
Tamarac Area Crest

Tamarac Community Service Recognition Crest

Community Service Crest

Girls of all branches, can earn these crests by offering service to the community in the following general areas:

    • Neighbourhood (yellow triangle)
    • Environmental (green triangle)
    • Thinking Day (purple triangle)
    • Senior Citizens (purple triangle)
    • Any Holiday (red triangle)

There are two crest sizes. The large crest is awarded for the first project completed in any category. Subsequent projects in any category will be awarded the small crest.

    • Community Service Recognition (lg) $1.50 each
    • Community Service Recognition (sm) $0.37 each

All items may be ordered through: JULIE KITZ at 780-674-3629, 5112 – 48 Avenue, Barrhead, AB T7N 1G3 or email jlkitz90@gmail.com. Shipping will be added once your order is placed. GST included. If pre-ordered, items can be picked up by your District Commissioner at the Area Meeting.

Feet Crests

Spruce Grove District had the idea of creating ‘feet’ crests, a left foot and a right foot in pink, orange, royal blue, green, red, yellow and dark blue to signify a girls or adults journey through Guiding. At the end of each year, a girl or adult will receive a foot that can be sewn on a camp blanket or other article. At a glance you could see a girl’s or adult’s journey through Guiding from the amount of coloured foot steps.

The feet measure 3.75” high by 1.75” wide and cost $1.00 each including GST. Shipping is an extra $3.50 if mailed. All cheques can be made out to Girl Guides of Canada.

For more information or to order, contact Kristin Marsh at (780) 571-2491 or email at kmarsh.guides@shaw.ca. The crests can also be ordered and picked up at the Area meeting.