Gold Tamarac Area Award

Gold Tamarac Area Award is the highest award granted by the Tamarac Area. This award is for girls of any age who regularly demonstrate exceptional leadership skills and seeks out opportunities to empower others though their leadership skills and personal values within their community or group.

Silver Tamarac Area Award

Silver Tamarac Area Award is granted by the Tamarac Area to girls who demonstrate leadership skills, career interests, and personal values together to serve their community or group.

Bronze Tamarac Area Award

Bronze Tamarac Area Award is granted by the Tamarac Area to young girls of any age who have discovered their leadership skills, have dedication to improving their community and causes important to them.

Nominator - Unit Guiders are able to recommend any girl for this award who demonstrate at one of the above skill levels.

Presentation - The award should be presented either at an appropriate unit or District event, with the presentation being done by either the Area Commissioner and/or District Commissioner.

Costs - Tamarac Area will cover the costs for the crest and certificate. Units who would like to include flowers, photos, etc. for the recipient would be at their own expense.

Crests and Certificates - Guiders will contact the Area Awards Adviser to order the crests and certificates. When contacting the Awards Adviser, a copy of a letter detailing the reasons behind the nomination should be included, as well as the name and iMIS number of the girl receiving the award, the level of the award, presentation date, and a contact name and mailing address for mailing.

The Area Awards Adviser will arrange to have the crest and certificate sent out and ensures that the girl's iMIS record is updated accordingly.

Nominations should be received a minimum of 3 weeks prior to presentation.