Trefoil Guild

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Retiring, Tired or Just Looking for a Change?

Ladies, trust me when I tell you that if you have loved your involvement in Girl Guides but decide to drop out because you are tired or your daughter is no longer involved, you are going to miss Guiding. Been there, done that! If you want to take a break please consider joining Trefoil or becoming a Member at Large. That way you can jump back into working with the girls, if you wish to do so after a year or two without completing all those potential member requirements again.

Trefoil members do not have to fill out forms for activities, nor do they have a meeting every week. Each Guild sets its own program and is invited to take part in Area or District events. We don’t have to worry about ratios or permission slips when we meet.

We do have to admit to being 30 years old and it really helps if you like to laugh as we have a difficult time getting thru any activity without laughter.

Currently there are two Trefoil Guilds in Tamarac Area and you are welcome to join either STARS or BOGGS but there is no reason to stop at two Guilds. Talk to 3 or 4 ladies that you have really enjoyed working with and form your own Guild. If time and distance are an issue, get together 3 or 4 times a year to start. There is no rule stating that you must meet ‘X’ number of times. The bonus is that you can be an active unit Guider or Commissioner and still belong to Trefoil.

For information on STARS contact Roberta Fehr; for BOGGS contact Pat Klann.

Good luck and good Guiding!